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How to Write a Good Property Listing

Pinnacle Property Management - Tuesday, July 14, 2020

To attract the best quality tenants available, you need to grab their attention from the initial marketing of your rental property. By writing a good property listing, you can achieve this. It’s your first introduction to a prospect and therefore, your chance to impress your target market. 

This introduction should be done in a way that awakens their curiosity and makes them want to know more. Your property listing should lead them to schedule a property showing with you.

There are effective strategies that you can follow to help execute a great property listing. Here are some brilliant tips you can apply:

1. It’s all about the details.

Since a prospect has not seen the property up close yet, you must fill their imagination with rich details. An image is not sufficient to gauge a room’s air of space. You can then state the measurements of a room. 

Mention brands to provide concrete information and provide descriptions of amenities. Does your property include a pool, parking garage, garden, terrace or patio? Include these features and describe them using simple and detailed words. 

Talk about the proximity of the rental property to parks, schools, airports, transportation hubs, grocery stores, hospitals, malls, libraries and community centers. These are facilities a prospect notices and finds significant.

2. Communicate about features that make your property stand out from the rest.

This is where the power of observation comes in. Study your property and similar properties around the neighborhood. What features does your property have that others don’t? 

You should be able to find distinguishable traits from the others. What do you offer that’s an important consideration for a renter? Those features could even act as an extra source of income, benefiting you alongside your tenants.

Think about what your property offers in comparison to others

For example, if you have a large garden space then you can promote that. This will attract those who appreciate horticulture. You can make this one of your central selling points in your property listing to earn a wider pool of prospective renters.

3. Post listing online.

There are hundreds of property listing sites. Choose the most popular ones. Additionally, you can start accounts on different social platforms to expand your market reach. 

It’s easier to network online since you don’t have to travel far and some of your contacts can refer you to their contacts as well. Your priority is to be visible. It’s easier to connect and develop an awareness of your rental property when it can be seen online.

People want more convenience now, so digital marketing is a preferred method. It’s also easier to track inquiries, provide feedback and get in touch online. 

It's also important to monitor your accounts. You don’t want potential renters to get frustrated because your response is too slow. Furthermore, you want to keep their contact information in case you can help them find other properties for which they may be looking.

4. Quality images draw the eye.

In a property listing, the attached photos should look professional and attractive. Before scanning for more information about a rental property, a prospect initially browses for pictures. 

If one catches their eye, that’s the time they’ll pause to take in more text details. So, the power of a quality photo should never be discounted. 

Before you take a photo, make sure there’s good lighting and the surroundings are pristine. If need be, schedule a professional cleaning service beforehand. 

Possibly schedule a cleaning before shooting the property

Your photos should include details of the features stated in your property listing. Use the proper lens and professional camera equipment to capture the best angles for your photographs.

5. Avoid exaggeration.

Even if you’re tempted to use exaggerated language, resist the urge. It might draw interest initially, but then turn people off. Level the expectations and avoid over-promising.

Use simple words and be wary of using cliché phrases. Some of these are “within walking distance”, “state-of-the-art”, “near transport” and other vague descriptions. 

Strive to use accurate measurements. How near is the property in terms of kilometers? Walking distance is subjective for most people who have different paces in walking. 

Include brands, furnishings and what kind of facilities you offer instead of simply resorting to saying, "state-of-the-art." This paints a clearer picture for the prospective tenant.

6. Don’t forget to proofread.

Review your property listing. A good photo is not enough. Your words have to be grammar-free using a friendly professional tone. 

Read your copy over and over again and note if it sounds natural. Weed out words that are ineffective, superfluous and too complicated sounding. 

Check for spelling errors that might alter the ad and make your copy humorous. You don’t want that kind of embarrassment and sloppy unprofessional message. 

Also, review the Fair Housing Act and make sure that there are no discriminating words included in your property listing. This can attract negative feedback. You can also ask an editor to review your market listing before posting it to a public platform.

7. Exercise transparency.

On the property listing, be truthful when it comes to fees. A prospect will be able to gauge if he can afford the rent and extra charges. This saves a lot of time, rather than keeping it hidden and letting a prospect know during the property showing. 

Be transparent about rent cost and fees

Being transparent opens the door for a great rapport at the start. Some renters only have a specific budget for renting and are not willing to go above for any extra fees. 

Bottom line

Creating a good property listing is the first step towards effectively marketing your rental unit. Make sure it emits honesty, detailed presentation and careful review. Take advantage of online marketing and maximize your exposure opportunities by using professional images, accompanied by well-crafted, descriptive texts.

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