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How to Film a Great Video Tour of Your Rental

Pinnacle Property Management - Friday, November 11, 2022

Landlords and property managers can come up with inventive ways to digitally showcase their rental properties through rental video tours. Virtual tours can significantly improve your marketing as a landlord, giving you an advantage over the competition. 

Because it enables potential renters to research rental properties from the comfort of their homes, a fantastic video tour of your property is one of the most effective ways to fill vacancies. 

The goal is to come up with a compelling video tour. You can work with a professional photographer or videographer, or choose to do it yourself. With the high-quality video capabilities of today's smartphones, you can make a fantastic video tour of your rental properties by following these few simple guidelines. 

Keep an Eye on the Lighting 

Lighting is important to consider when you’re filming a rental property tour. It might make or ruin your marketing efforts. Generally speaking, the afternoon is the best time to record the virtual property tour of your home. 

However, you want to avoid recording a video that is overexposed or washed out, which can occur when there is too much sunlight coming in through windows. Backlighting should also be taken into consideration. 

When filming, you should keep away from shooting straight into the light source or in front of windows. Anything you're trying to capture will ultimately be overshadowed if you do this. Instead of facing it directly, position yourself so that natural light is on your back for the best results. 

Person in the foreground holding up a film slate in front of two people in the background

Of course, take into account the specifics of your property and the power of the light source when making the necessary adjustments. 

Map It Out 

You must be aware of the video tour path before starting the recording. The video tour accomplishes the same function as a property showcasing. It must include a thorough overview of the entire property as well as any outdoor space. 

Planning your video is definitely necessary. Walk through the property after opening all the doors. Picture yourself showcasing the apartment to a potential tenant while they walk next to you. Think about the amenities that you want to highlight for the potential tenants to know about.

Take a moment to pause whenever you enter a new room. This is a subtle way of bringing the viewer's attention to the new room and allowing them to appreciate its features. 

Clean the Rental Space

Make sure the rental space is spotless and organized, just as you would if you were showing a home in person. The same cleaning tasks that you would have performed if it had been a physical viewing should be done. 

The walls can be repainted to give them a fresh new look, and the floor should be swept or cleaned. Don't limit your attention to the interior. Maintaining your landscaping and curb appeal is a great way to draw in potential tenants. 

Blue-gloved hands spraying a bottle of cleaner and wiping a counter with a paper towel

Alternatively, you might pay someone to clean the area for you. The property will look more enticing to potential tenants and demonstrate the possibility of having a clean environment. 

Keep the Video Short

Some people think that taking lengthier videos is best when filming a home tour. However, having a quick video tour of your rental is ideal. If your video gets too long, there is a significant chance that viewers may not watch all of it. 

Videos that are three minutes or less are preferred. In order to get more views, try to include everything inside this time frame. Know the key characteristics that your intended audience might be looking for. This stops you from producing a lengthy video. Instead of going into great detail on features, just state the essentials. You don't want the viewer to get bored. 

Showcase Your Unit's Best Features 

Every property has unique qualities to emphasize, whether it is old or new or was created by a well-known architect. Which on-property amenities do you offer? 

Be sure to highlight these features in your video tour so that renters will take them into consideration when choosing where to rent. Always be aware of what your rental property can provide to its tenants. Parking spots, storage spaces, and unique appliances are some examples of notable amenities. 

 Home with a for sale sign in the front yard

The location of your property can also be important. Give further details on how close it is to parks, schools, and other conveniences. If the unit has undergone any upgrades, ensure you highlight them and their improvements. 

Use Landscape Mode 

You want to ensure you quickly and completely record as much information as possible in each space. Recording a video in landscape mode gives a more complete view and a more accurate presentation of a room’s size and arrangement. 

You can portray the feel of the property better using the landscape format. All you need to do after entering the area is take a slow, thorough look around. Given that it has a broader screen, landscape mode appears more natural to the viewer. 

Incorporate Good Audio

The type of audio you choose for your video is also important. It’s best to record your audio separately and lay it over the video, but if you don’t have extra time to do so, make sure your narration is clear and easy to understand. 

Make sure the background music isn't too loud if you intend to use it. A lot of editing software offers free instrumental music. Viewers may become disoriented and unable to continue viewing the rest of the video tour if the music dominates the video. 


Video tours are a dynamic way to present your rental property, making them great marketing tools. The best thing about video tours is that they make it simple to distinguish between genuinely interested people and those who are unsure. As a result, you'll deal with more motivated clients who request a home showing. 

However, if you don't believe you have the time or expertise to accomplish it, consider contacting a professional property management company like Pinnacle Property Management. As a full-service property management firm, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality services.

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