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How to Know if Your Rental Meets Safety Standards

Pinnacle Property Management - Wednesday, October 5, 2022

An effective landlord recognizes the value and significance of routine rental property inspections. The best approach to protect your tenants is ensuring your property complies with safety regulations. The specific rules differ from state to state, but you should be able to make the appropriate choices with the aid of common sense and good intentions.

Taking the time to ensure your renters' safety can help you reduce your stress in the long term. You can find the first indications of damage by carrying out routine inspections and property maintenance to prevent damages. Doing this keeps your properties in good condition and adds value over time.

The Pinnacle Property Management team has prepared the following tips to help you focus on when it comes to providing safety in your rentals:

Maintain Appliances

Electronics are dangerously prone to overheating. For safety reasons, it makes sense to keep them in good condition. Older devices may require replacement when electrical cords break.

Since equipment used over time might endure normal wear and tear, it's a good idea to do an inventory of your appliances and check to determine if they need to be updated for energy efficiency.

When it comes to appliances, quality and price are related. Therefore, something's quality increases with how long it lasts. High-grade models also require less maintenance. Also, make sure to leave space around your appliances for safety.

Close up of a stove and dishwasher

Ensure Smoke Detectors are Installed and Functioning

It's a wise idea to familiarize yourself with and abide by the smoke alarm rules in your state or municipality. The locations of smoke detectors are typically specified by state or local legislation, and most fire prevention authorities demand that the smoke detectors be functional.

Consider installing combo devices if you don't want to worry about checking separate smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Every year, test the smoke alarms in your rental properties by pressing the test button on each one to hear the alarm go off. When a tenant complains of chirping noises, act quickly because this indicates a low battery and a potential problem with the smoke alarm's ability to function in an emergency. 

Look for Signs of Pest Infestation

A pest infestation may compromise the security and well-being of the tenants at your rental property. Examples of these pests are cockroaches, ants, rats, and mice. The cause of these pests determines who is responsible for pest control.

Pests may be drawn to the environment your tenants make in their apartments by not emptying the trash cans promptly or by leaving food lying around. Your tenant would be entirely responsible for handling the bug problem in these situations.

Person in a large white kitchen

If a natural occurrence brought on the infestation, you are responsible for it. For instance, if your renter complains of mice and the rental property is close to a grassy field or they notice holes near baseboards. You will have to plan and pay for the elimination in this situation.

Check on Roofs, Floors and Walls

The well-being of your renters may be affected by the sort of flooring you use and how you maintain it. The need to waterproof such surfaces may be important due to the safety risks of slippery surfaces.

You might also want to look into foundation repair specialists if the floor isn't level. Watch out for vertical faults in the walls since they could indicate structural problems. Additionally, peeling wallpaper, stains, and distorted walls could be indicators of water damage

If you see any of these problems, you should have an expert inspect the property as soon as possible. The ceilings should also be at least three meters high. In order to protect your tenants from intense heat, you should select ceiling materials with low thermal conductivity.

Keep Up with Plumbing

Plumbing issues are common. Property owners frequently deal with issues including flooding, blocked toilets, and leaks. Additionally, particularly in colder areas, water pipes might burst.

Silver water faucet on white ceramic tub

The major risk associated with plumbing problems is the potential for water damage, which can be expensive. There are also additional issues brought on by water. For instance, the presence of mold may be caused by an area that is continuously exposed to moisture and humidity.

Ensure to have regular gutter and drainage system cleaning to allow water to flow normally. Gutter clogging is common in the fall because of wind and large amounts of dead leaves. You can also build waterproof ventilated pipes to reduce the number of broken pipes. 

Even though high-quality materials cost more upfront, you will ultimately save money. To stop leaks, use strong faucets. You won't have to pay an exorbitant water bill as a result.

Ensure the Property is Secure

It is your duty as a rental property owner to make sure your tenants have safe housing. Make sure your house is secure before renting it out. A door with a deadbolt and a locking lockset is considered secure. 

By adding combination or electronic locks to the doors, you can even increase security. Consider installing an alarm system if your rental is in a high-crime area. This could help you avoid going to court while also preventing break-ins.

Door with multiple locks

Check for Paint Quality

Lead in paint products must be disclosed under the majority of landlord-tenant regulations. Lead is particularly prevalent in homes constructed before 1978. This might be hazardous to a tenant's health. Make sure to examine the paint in your home and get advice from professionals for a resolution.

Your rentals should always be secure and livable. Lead paint is especially important if you have renters with young children. Children are naturally curious and may eat or touch paint. Keep your property safe and avoid exposing tenants to lead poisoning by resolving these issues before the move-in date.

Get Help from Pinnacle Property Management 

Choosing to work with a property management company is a big commitment. The agency you select should be educated about real estate and committed to guiding you through every stage of the rental process. 

Property management has grown to be a highly skilled and complex profession. For the benefit of our clients, Pinnacle Property Management handles every aspect of management. Most importantly, we treat each property as if it’s our own.

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