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Tips to Keep Your Home (and Investment) Safe

Pinnacle Property Management - Tuesday, December 7, 2021

keep your home safe

Part of managing a rental unit means delivering safety to your renters and having safety measures set up to protect your tenants.

No tenants will want to live in a unit where they feel their safety is compromised. 

That’s why it’s best to protect your rental home and investment. Safety should always be your priority. 

In this post, we’re outlining some of the ways you can protect the safety of your property investment.

1. Use Solid Locks on the Main Doors of the Rental

Deadbolts keep your unit extra protected from burglars. It makes it hard for them to get through the door. During the construction of your rental, build solid metal or solid wooden doors. You need very sturdy materials to discourage trespassers.

The more solid the main doors, the longer it will take burglars to enter the rental home.

2. Protect the Windows

Generally, windows are the weakest and most vulnerable points in a home. 

When the door is hard to break through, windows can be another access point. If they’re unlocked or wide open, intruders can easily enter the home.

It’s advisable to have sturdy locks. Locked windows can be discouraging since the glass needs to be broken, creating noise and alerting the people around.

If you want open windows, they should be angled downwards. This will make it difficult for trespassers to squeeze their bodies in through the window. 

3.Choose the Right Lighting Outdoors 

Intruders often stay away when there’s a motion sensor lighting installed. 

When they’re hit by the lights, it blows their cover, makes them panic, and encourages them to leave. 

Ensure that your entranceway has motion sensor lighting. It will be easy to detect movement from trespassers. You can also set up lighting in dim areas, such as garden sheds, exterior fences or walls and garages.

4. Invest in Security Systems

Part of running a rental home is investing in protective measures. A lot of danger is reduced when a security system is installed.

security system

With a security system, renters will feel safer and intruders will be discouraged from stepping inside the property.

When a renter first moves in, arrange an orientation with them. Demonstrate how the security system works and how to create a passcode. You can always override the system when tenants can’t remember their code or an emergency has taken place in the unit.

A number of security systems are available in the market for all different budgets. 

Some insurance firms also offer discounted insurance costs when a property owner installs a security system. 

Tenants are also willing to be charged with a higher rent provided that a security system is installed in the rental property. 

5. Announce your Security Measures to Outsiders

When you promote the security of your rental unit, intruders are bound to keep away. They prefer to trespass units where security is low. You can advertise your safety measured by posting signs in the entrance way of the unit. Stickers and posters are great ways to let people from the outside know the security of your unit.

6. Take Time to Perform Documentation around the Rental

Having a masterlist of the furnishings and items in the rental unit makes it easy when you need to file a loss report. You won’t need to try to remember all the objects that have been stolen. Submitting an insurance claim will also be quicker since you can pinpoint the missing items.

Be detailed. For every item, write down the model name, serial number, color of the object and manufacturer data. It’s even more useful to have a picture of each item for accuracy. You can do this with all items, such as paintings, appliances and furniture.

7. Eliminate Hiding Places

The more you narrow the hiding places of intruders, the quicker they can be seen. Get rid of large plants and outdoor decorative items. You want to expose the trespassers, not give them plenty of covers.

It’s also good to regularly trim the foliage of your plants. Huge decorative objects should also be removed. Advise tenants to keep garage doors and sheds locked.

8. Implementing New Security Measures

Depending on the State you’re in, review the local laws.

It’s imperative that the tenants are informed prior to replacing locks. It might lead to a misunderstanding and make your current tenants feel that you’re limiting their access to the unit. Talk to your tenants on your bolstered security precautions.

Create new terms in your leasing agreement covering the new security measures. The contract or the addendum must be duly signed by the renters to show that they fully approved the upgrades in security.

When you implement these security features, it will keep your current renters renewing the lease. It will also attract new renters who value rental safety above all.

door locks

Bottom Line

As a landlord, you must provide a safe and secure physical space for your renters.

By following our tips for keeping your rental home and investment safe, you should be able to prevent intruders from entering your property. 

Are you a new landlord? Does this feel overwhelming? If so, don't worry! Feel free to contact Pinnacle Property Management today for more information or help!

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