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9 Landlord Tips to Have Better Relationships with Your Torrance Tenants

Pinnacle Property Management - Friday, October 7, 2022

A landlord and tenant relationship can sometimes be difficult to establish. Like friendships, some bonds are formed with no effort while others take more work. Cultivating a great relationship with your Torrance renter can take effort but can be greatly beneficial for you and your tenants. 

Landlords can consider the following tips to build stronger, healthier relationships with their renters. 

1. Communicate Regularly

Set aside time to regularly talk with the renters in your Torrance rental unit. Find out their goals and future plans. You can also ask them about any issues they’re encountering so you can offer solutions. Exercising open communication with your renters prevents misunderstandings. 

When you’re tuned in to your tenants’ needs, it’s easy to provide them with a comfortable rental space. They’re also likely to stay longer since their needs are being met. Retaining long-term tenants allows you to have a steady rental income and more easily meet your financial goals. 

2. Value Your Tenants as Your Customers

Without great tenants in your Torrance rental property, it will be hard to achieve a high ROI on your property. Knowing this, it’s vital to prioritize the needs of your renters. If you don’t value your renters, they can end up leaving you with vacancies to fill.

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When tenants feel valued, it’s easier for them to treat your property well, pay the rent on time, and follow your property policies without constant reminders. They’re able to trust you as the landlord and become loyal occupants.

3. Attend to Property Maintenance and Repairs

Showcase a well-maintained Torrance rental property. As a landlord, the state mandates that you offer a habitable living space to your renters. If you want your renters to stick around for a long time, it’s mandatory to maintain your rental property. Strive to make it far more outstanding than the other rentals in your area.

You can schedule a professional cleaning once in a while, maintain the curb appeal, and plan for property renovations. If damages are present, you can immediately contact experts for repairs even if the issue is minor. Another good practice is practicing preventive maintenance. This slows down the wear and tear of your property, allowing you to save on fees in the future.

4. Be Reachable and Respond Promptly 

Renters seek a landlord’s guidance, especially during property emergencies. It’s essential to be within reach and respond quickly. This builds renters’ trust in you. Though it’s not possible to be available 24 hours a day, leave your contact information with your Torrance renters so they always have a line to you for urgent situations that require your attention.

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If you’re going to be gone for a period of time, you should assign a representative to watch over your rental in your absence. Being reachable and putting a reliable system in place reduces your tenants’ stress. They know they’ll always be able to contact you when they have important things to discuss with you. You can also find out how they would best like to be reached in case you need to communicate with them via email, text, or phone call

5. Invest in the Right Technology

Since you want your Torrance renters to enjoy comfort and convenience, it’s good to invest in technology. This can apply to having efficient communication systems and automated home systems. It lets renters save time. You can also focus on elevating your customer service offerings while minimizing the time-consuming tasks eaten by manual rental operation systems.

6. Be Firm and Empathetic

Being kind always has its merits as a landlord, especially in an economic downturn. However, as a landlord, you’re running a business and have to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Think situations through. If your renter is experiencing financial difficulties but has always paid promptly in the past, you can work out alternative solutions. 

You have to weigh situations properly. At the same time, you also need to create boundaries to avoid being taken advantage of. If you’re too strict, you can end up turning away good renters who are suffering from a temporary setback. If you’re too lenient, you can lose optimal earnings. Assess each situation and make hard decisions when needed.

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7. Communicate Your Expectations from the Beginning

It’s easy to follow the policies and guidelines when you’re clear about what’s expected from you. This also applies to your Torrance renters. They’re able to perform their tenant responsibilities when you’ve discussed their duties and the consequences of not adhering to the property policies.

With a solid rental agreement that contains specific details, everything is laid out clearly, leading to more compliance. When your renters know what you expect from them, they can meet those expectations. If your lease has many gray areas and no proper discussion has occurred, it leaves room for issues.

8. Use Multiple Communication Channels

It pays to use various communication channels. If you only provide your Torrance tenants with one, they can have a hard time reaching you for important matters. Communication can be delayed and it can have a negative impact.

If there’s essential information that needs to be shared, you can’t just stick with email or a written notice. You need to use several channels to ensure that the message is received by the renter. 

A tenant could easily overlook the particular method you’re using. For important matters, you can speak to them on the phone. Regular communication also helps create a close connection with your tenants.

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9. Respect Their Privacy

Though you own your rental property, your renters have a right to privacy and quiet enjoyment. Even state law mandates sending a notice before entering the tenant’s home for a legitimate reason. Popping by unannounced isn’t recommended at the risk of disturbing your renters.

Even when fixing property issues, a notice period is required to perform property inspections and repairs. Providing notices shows that you respect your tenants’ privacy, encouraging them to continue being your tenant.

Bottom Line

Communication, responsiveness, and respect go a long way when dealing with your Torrance tenants. 

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