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Best Restaurants in Torrance

Pinnacle Property Management - Friday, May 13, 2022

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If you’re looking for great food options, Torrance is the spot for you! Located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, this city has a large variety of options.

You can find traditional Japanese and Korean spots, fusion restaurants, Mediterranean specialties, and classic American food. Mexican, Indian, and vegetarian options are popular here too. 

Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it in Torrance!

In this post, we are going over the top restaurants to check out in the area. 

1. Gen Korean BBQ House

Located in the southern part of Torrance, Gen Korean BBQ House is a modern Korean fusion restaurant. As you would expect, this restaurant is famous for its Korean barbecue. To make this signature dish, the chef uses international ingredients from across the globe. You can find joomulluk, spicy baby octopus, sesame oil marinated beef, and sweet/savory pork.

Every dish is served with Korean ban-chan which perfectly matches the unique flavors of this restaurant’s recipes.

Gen Korean BBQ House has a contemporary interior design to add to its draw. 

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2. El Pollo Inka

This traditional Peruvian restaurant is popular for its Latin American dishes. The interior of the restaurant has a cozy feel with a classic Peruvian design.

On multiple nights each week, El Pollo Inka hosts live music to add to the atmosphere and improve a fun night with friends.

As for menu items, their popular dishes include anticucho, shrimp and chicken with corn-fried yuca and hot sauce, plus the classic chicken and rice. Not only is their food top-notch, but they also have great cocktails! When you swing by, be sure to try their most famous drink, the Pisco Sour. 

3. Bombay Tandoori & Banquet

Another traditional restaurant on our list is Bombay Tandoori & Banquet. This spot is the best place to go to in Torrance if you’re craving Indian food.

The interior sports a classic design with traditional decorative pieces, giving a setting that’s suited for banquets on top of casual dining.

Their menu features well-loved Indian dishes like chicken tikka masala to a wide range of curries, fish, meat, and vegetarian options. If you’d like to explore their desserts, then you’ll be happy to know they have some great choices and even the staple mango lassi.

If you find yourself trying out this restaurant during the weekend, you can enjoy their buffet lunch that features the whole menu!

indoor restaurant

4. The Habit Burger Grill

Sometimes, getting good old American cuisine is the best choice. If that’s what you’re craving, then check out The Habit Burger Grill!

Not only does it have American classics, but the restaurant has history too. In fact, it was originally established in 1969 which proves that they’ve been offering quality food.

It has the quintessential American setting with fountain drinks and leather couches.

As for their menu, you can find newer items like avocado on top of sourdough bread, or the classics like sandwiches, salads and, of course, burgers. Their burgers come with a variety of options like caramelized onions, grilled pineapple, different cheeses, and sautéed mushrooms. 

5. Aristo Café

The Greek and Lebanese dishes are renowned in Aristo Café. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean cooking traditions, you’ll find only the freshest olive oil, fish, and vegetables here. 

For starters, consider trying the ground beef and herb kibbeh rolls and spiced rice wrapped in grape leaves. For mains, Aristo Café is famous for their marinated beef and grilled salmon. Both of these dishes are served with hummus, jasmine rice, and vegetables. Be sure to stop by for their lunch specials too!

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6. Veggie Grill

For the vegetarians out there, this restaurant is for you! As you may have guessed, Veggie Grill is a vegetarian restaurant that features a cheerful interior with a green and red color scheme. 

They specialize in seasonal dishes with nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Tofu is the staple protein of their menu. They also offer a variety of grains such as rice and buckwheat. You’ll enjoy the fun food combinations they have with their salads, snacks, and bowls.

Popular ingredient choices include herb-roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, steamed grains, and unique sauces like coconut or curry. Their menu is also seasonal, meaning you can be sure you’re getting the freshest local ingredients out there!

7. The San Franciscan 

This popular steakhouse specializes in prime ribs. With red leather booths and vintage decorations, this restaurant is an American classic. Be sure to enjoy the nightly entertainment they offer, from karaoke to concerts.

While prime ribs are their specialty, you can also order seafood, pasta, and salads at this restaurant. To top it off, you can choose from a wide array of side dishes and wines that best pair with your meal. 

8. Santouka Ramen

If you’re looking for authentic Japanese food, it doesn’t get more authentic than this! In fact, Santouka Ramen was originally opened in Japan. Their Torrance location is small and unassuming, but their food is to die for.

The ramen here isn’t just any ramen. They offer upscale ingredients that perfectly mix with their noodles to create gourmet bowls of ramen. You can have white tonkotsu ramen or shiro ramen if you’re looking for the classics. They also offer triple spiced chili miso ramen, red pickled plum, and roasted pork char siu ramen. 

Bottom Line

Torrance is one of the best areas to invest in. One of the reasons is because of their delicious dining restaurants.

For some of the best food selections in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, Torrance doesn’t disappoint. There are many restaurants to choose from that draw inspiration from all over the world.

By visiting any of the restaurants above, you’ll be sure to have a good time, and maybe even find a new favorite dining spot!

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