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Top 7 Amenities Renters Can't Resist in California

Pinnacle Property Management - Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Best Amenities California Pinnacle Property Management

California has one of the largest populations in the United States, and as a result, it is obvious that California residents will have high standards about housing. A successful rental property in California needs to stand out to potential clients and provide high-quality services. This requires an intentional effort that will guarantee reduced turnover and better returns over the long term. 

Pinnacle Property Management has years of experience in the California rental market and offers a few tips you can use to lure potential tenants. 

Favorable Pet Policies

Most residents in California own a pet, so it would be prudent if your property has favorable pet policies. If you allow pets in your property, you tap into the large market of renters who want to live with their fuzzy companions!

It is important to check the laws regarding pets in California before setting out your policies for the building. Have an experienced property manager advise you on some of these regulations and penalties to avoid liabilities in the future. The property manager can also help you set up pet fees, pet rent, and other charges imposed on pets that could help you make an extra income.

With the additional income from the pet fees, you can use part of it to develop pet-friendly amenities such as pet bag stations and on-site dog parks. These special amenities will help your property stand out to potential tenants. Consider pets when upgrading your rental units. For example, opt for pet-friendly flooring. Avoid materials that are slippery and easy to stain. Both the tenant and the pet will appreciate this.

California pet friendly rentals

Fitness Centers

Since the pandemic, people have increasingly become conscious of their lifestyle. Most people have enrolled in gyms and other health centers in order to improve their lifestyle. This is why a fitness center, especially in a state such as California, is a desired amenity. As a property owner, you can put up a fitness center in your property that will definitely be an advantage over other properties. 

People will appreciate a well-done fitness center and will even be willing to add a few extra dollars for the service. A pro tip is to implement a more customized fitness approach, you can have the room split up to different areas where tenants can have various forms of exercise, such as yoga, cardio, and free weights among others.

You can also integrate management software that helps tenants place different time slots.

Upgraded Kitchens

Upgraded kitchens are a very popular amenity for many tenants since they will likely spend time in the kitchen daily. Granite countertops are attractive to tenants as they give off a modern and stylish look. They are also easy to clean and maintain. This will help reduce the maintenance costs of your property. 

Stainless steel appliances are also a favorite as they are durable and last a long time. Let the upgraded kitchen space sell itself by having an inviting look.

Smart Home Features

Thanks to the internet and advancement of technology, smart home features are a must-have in most apartments and rental units. Currently, they might not be a deciding factor for a significant percentage of renters. But given the rate at which these devices are being embraced in the market, this might change very soon. 

Give your property the extra touch of modernity and stay ahead of the curve by upgrading to smart home features, such as voice-activated lighting and thermostats. 

California rental kitchens

Outdoor Spaces

Even though the pandemic has affected the functional design of most community facilities, people still appreciate properties that offer the outdoor experience. As much as it is important to focus on the interior space of the property, having an inviting outdoor space can be an added bonus. 

The outdoor does not have to be grand and you can work with your budget to provide your renters a comfortable space. You can have a small patio where people can relax, a roof-top garden, or even a fenced yard. Most people would appreciate this opportunity to unwind, especially in a busy state such as California. 


Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes. It is one of the most essential factors that renters consider when moving to a new location. Gated communities that give a sense of security and safety are therefore preferred more to others. 

Other security systems that could help put your tenants at ease include an alarm system, automatic locking doors, security cameras, and security personnel, CCTV cameras among many others. It is also important to ensure that your property is compliant with the state and local safety standards, so always keep on top of the local safety regulations.

California apartment management

Well-Maintained Property

The very first thing people look at when viewing a house is the general outlook of the property. How well a property is maintained is important to tenants and could be the very reason a person decides to lease certain property.

Untidy and messy properties are an eye-sore which most people will not even bother considering. Ensure that the property is well maintained and issues are handled as soon as possible. The area should be clean and free from litter and garbage. You should also try to ensure that there are no pungent smells from the garbage area and that trash is frequently and appropriately disposed of.

The Bottom Line

With the onset of the pandemic, the society and economy have been forced to change drastically. As creatures of habit, humans are now more than ever trying to find things that make them feel comfortable, safe, and at ease. 

The movement restrictions have made renters become even more particular with the places they live in as they now spend most of their time at home. The tips above are just some of the many amenities and facilities that renters look for and would greatly appreciate in a property.

If you are a property owner interested in more ways you can provide better services to your California residents, then reach out to Pinnacle Property Management company in California for the best real estate and property management advice.  

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